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about us

From Daniel Blais - Founder nearest.com

Nearest.com is a socially conscious search engine that features the nearest businesses that provide the product or service being searched.

Our goal is to support and promote the local businesses that help sustain our communities by creating local jobs and paying significant municipal property taxes.

Nearest.com makes shopping locally easier than ever, we feature neighborhood daily deals, promotions, coupons, local shopping zones that feature products from local businesses, fun things to do, local events and business search. Local businesses can feature products, promotions and coupons for less then $0.50 a day knowing that our search results will always feature the nearest business with the product or service being searched.

It is important to remember that shopping locally protects local jobs and the municipal tax base. It actually helps keep your house taxes down.

Unfortunately we often forget that brick and mortar local business pay significant municipal property taxes. Those tax contributions are absolutely vital to the long term sustainability of any community, they help pay for the teachers that educate our children, the police and firefighters that protect our homes and the many services that are essential to our communities like clean water and waste management. Without the property tax contributions from local businesses, house taxes would definitely be much higher.

Shopping locally creates local opportunities - every dollar spent locally has the potential to circulate in the community several times... it's called the Local Multiplier Effect.

In a city of 100,000 people, $10 more a week per person generates one million dollars a week in local commerce, $52 million a year. Multiply that by a Local Multiplier Effect of 3 and that $10 a week per person creates a whopping $150 million a year in potential local economic activity.

In a small town of 10,000 people, $10 a week can create $15 million in a year in local commerce; in a city of 1 million, $10 a week per person spent locally can generate $1.5 billion a year in local commerce.

As you can see, spending money locally has a huge economic impact on our communities.

Nearest.com was specifically designed to help find products, services and fun things to do to keep as much money as possible circulating locally, thereby protecting local jobs and the neighbourhood businesses that are vital in sustaining our communities.

Many families in our communities are significantly impacted by our shopping habits. In these digital times, it's more important than ever that we put people first and take into consideration how our spending habits impact local jobs and the families that depend on those jobs.

Join nearest.com today and start shopping in a way that helps create and protect jobs for our families, friends and neighbours while sustaining the communities in which we live.

Thank you.

Daniel Blais
Founder, Nearest.com

Keep it local, your community wins!



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