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Nearest.com features neighborhood Daily Deals, Promotions, Coupons, click and call ordering, events, fun things to do, shopping and local business search.


Promote local shopping to keep money circulating in our communities to support neighbourhood businesses and protect local jobs.


Members can add coupons to their coupon wallet and they can also earn money supporting their community promoting local shopping. They earn 50% of the annual membership fee from the businesses they recruit and they also receive a 10% override on all income earned by any member they recruit. We need community minded members to help promote local shopping in every postal code in the country.


Receive FREE Coupon Club Memberships when they join and they have the additional opportunity of earning 70% of COUPON CLUB memberships We need students in every postal code in the country.


Nearest supports local businesses because local businesses are vital to our communities. We invite businesses to join nearest.com and share their Daily Deals, Coupons and Promotions for pennies a day. We protect your trade area, the nearest business offering the product or service being searched will always be the #1 result on Nearest.com We don’t have bidding contests for the top ad spot in your trade area.



With Nearest.com we all win. We keep money circulating in the community to protect local jobs, we promote and support local businesses and we create jobs for students.

Nearest will never sell or release your e-mail addresss. We keep e-mail addresses safe and provide NO method for internet spammers to obtain e-mail addresses on our site.

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