One way to support local is to follow Community Shopping Zones.
You'll instantly find hundreds of amazing deals from local businesses.

When you shop in-store or online at your
community-based businesses, the benefits are substantial.


More jobs stay in your community.


More money circulates locally to create opportunities for everyone.


Local businesses contribute more to local charities and sports teams.


Brick and mortar businesses pay significant municipal taxes to help pay for teachers, police, firefighters and many other municipal and recreational services that are vital to sustaining our communities.

4 steps to supporting your community like never before

Community sustainability is the ultimate goal!

Money spent locally circulates in the community several times. It's called 'The Local Multiplier Effect'. If every Canadian

spends an extra $10 a week locally, it could generate $60 billion a year in local commerce for our communities.

See how supporting local keeps millions circulating in your community

Learn more about community sustainability at

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